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Building Automation‎ | Titan Technical - Amarillo, TX

We now live in the 21st Century, and the new technology is looking promising. With the aim of furthering high-tech solutions to age-old problems, Titan Technical is ready and waiting to see that your home or business undergoes a proper building automation procedure for greater convenience and energy efficiency! If you live in the area of Amarillo, Texas, and you’re looking for building automation solutions for your building, contact Titan Technical today!

Building automation involves putting a building’s electrical, mechanical and environmental systems under the management of a computer system. The system works to ensure efficiency of electricity, a high degree of security, safety in the event of fire, flood or lightning, proper HVAC functioning, and more! Building automation will watch over your facility while you are away, and will ensure your comfort when you’re there!

Building automation will serve each room according to detected occupancy, ensuring that air flows properly to provide comfort to the person within. It will use its ability to discriminate between occupied and unoccupied areas to ensure that your building is as hot or cold as it needs to be, preventing needless waste of electricity. Building automation is the new, smart way to ensure your convenience and comfort, and on top of this, lower energy bills alone will pay you back for the system!

At Titan Technical, we are ready to outfit your HVAC systems for the future! We will align the system to respond to computer commands, allowing for greater control, comfort and efficiency throughout the home. Properly functioning building automation will also reduce a building’s output of pollution, making your business look even better in press releases!